What Is A Custom Star Map?

The concept behind a star map is a simple, but wonderful idea.

We all have special days in our lives, moments we cherish for life, great times with our loved ones, the day we met the person we always dreamt of, the day we got married, the day we had our first child, the list is endless.

Sapphire and Amethyst Star Map from Star Maps UAE

We would all like to freeze those moments in time, so that we can jump back to those moments whenever we feel low or need a boost of happiness.

If only this was possible, life would be amazing. Imagine being able to go back to those special times in your life and be able to relive them!

Obviously, we cannot actually travel through time and go back to the best moments in our lives. This is where Star Maps come in.

A Star Map is a moment in time, frozen and framed, for you to keep on your wall so you always have a reminder of a special day in your life.

Star Map with a Picture

To be more specific, Star Maps show how the stars and constellations in the sky aligned on a special day in your life. So, if you would look up at the sky on your special day, (and there was no pollution) you would see the stars exactly like what you have on your Star Map.

A Custom Star Map allows you to adjust the Star Map to make it even more customized and specific to YOU! At Star Maps UAE, we have a large variety of designs and many different color combinations. You can choose the one that suits you the best. Additionally, a custom star map from Star Maps UAE also allows you to add in a title and a quote of your choice. You can write anything in the title and quote, let your creativity run free! Alternately, the title is where you can write what was special about that particular day, for example, ‘The Day We Got Married’. Then you can use the quote section in your custom star map to describe what you felt on your special day. For example, ‘The moment I saw you in that wedding dress, I understood what love is.’

Emerald Star Map from Star Maps UAE

A Custom Star Map is also a wonderful idea for a gift. A lot of gifts given these days are generic. They are not personal to the recipient, but something that many other people may have. Additionally, we have all gotten gifts that we did not like at all, and knew that we would not use at ALL! A Custom Star Map solves this problem.

A custom star map is exclusive to the person receiving the gift. It is personalized and customized so that it suits their taste and reminds them of a special moment in their lives. Imagine, how much would you love a gift that was a constant reminder of a great time in your life?

If you would like to create your own custom star map, then have a look at the designs we offer on Star Maps UAE, or simply click here to get to our collections page!

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